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Experiment #2: Get Gabe a New Job!


Let’s face it, Producer Gabe could really use a new job.  You know, one where his boss doesn’t perform cruel science experiments on him.  And where else would someone like Gabe look for a job? Linkedin.  This week’s experiment: Let’s get Gabe 100 Linkedin connections! Go to the following link, sign in, and add Gabe as a contact.  Make the dream happen!

Experiment # 1: Screw You Gary!



It’s our kick off experiment! In an upcoming “Bunk” episode, Kurt screams at our stage hand Gary.  But when you think about it, all Gary’s need to be screamed at now and again.  We need you to send this link of Kurt’s yelling to as many Gary’s as possible and then let us know how many Gary’s you sent it to.  We’re aiming to scream at 1,000 Gary’s in one week.  Make the dream come true!

#bunk #ifc


EPISODE ONE- Stand-up comic, improviser, host of BUNK on IFC - Kurt Braunohler shareshis subtle (and hilarious) ways of making the world a better place.

I plan to release a new episode every Monday, and I can tell you there are some great ones coming. Thank you for watching.

Follow me on Twitter (@scottmoran9876) for updates on the series and follow Kurt too… he’s amazing!  @kurtbraunohler